Imagine being able to cost effectively…

  • Pinpoint exactly where and how your crops are experiencing difficulties
  • Identify potential problems that aren’t apparent at ground level before they become major issues
  • Capture images of crops that aren’t visible to the human eye
  • Routinely survey your land to detect changes, patterns and historical trends
  • Get the answers now that you need to make informed management decisions

New Solutions to the Oldest Questions in Agriculture with Full-Field, Aerial Crop Scouting 

 Crop health/stress
 Yield monitoring
 Plant counts
 Weed density
 Variable rate herbicide/fertilizer prescriptions
 Crop damage
 Irrigation problems
 Crop trends
 Field surveying
 Drought assessment

Plant stress map

 Increase yields                                        Save time with virtual crop scouting
 Reduce input costs                                Apply precision drone-to-tractor prescriptions