What if I have my own maps?

Provided the resolution is adequate and the format is compatible, we can use your maps for the analysis and prescription.

What if I just want a map to see how much root rot I have in a field?

We can map your field and provide you with the results for a separate charge. You can then use our cost/benefit calculator to determine your savings. If you decide to treat, we can write a prescription at an additional charge.

How accurate is the prescription?

Our accuracy is currently within 1-3 feet. Because we use 30 foot grids to map your field, we capture the infected area and provide a treatment buffer around the infected area.

When is the best time to fly?

The best time to fly is towards the end of the growing season and before defoliation. We have produced usable maps after defoliation. However, pre-defoliation enhances the detection process.

How do I get my maps and prescriptions?

Your maps and prescriptions are uploaded to our secure site. The files are accessible by you at any time.